Dining at Prairie House

Daily Chef’s Specials at Prairie HouseGathered at a dinner table, grabbing a cup of coffee and slice of pie, being invited out to breakfast… many of our best memories of family and friends involve a common enjoyment of food. So at Prairie House, we take the fun of food seriously!

While healthy meals are an integral part of wellness, it’s about more than the food. But the truth that accompanies this is that in our golden years it may become harder to prepare those meals. It may be very difficult to get to the grocery store and transport the purchases home. Mealtime may have lost its joy due to living alone and having no one to share it with. Or one may just lose the enthusiasm for the work involved with preparing meals all day long and the endless clean up involved. Worry not… at Prairie House Assisted Living and Memory Care, it’s all taken care of!

Gourmet Quality Dining

Prairie House: Delicious Meal Making use of one of the finest chefs in the region, we provide restaurant-style gourmet quality fine dining. Our professional staff members do the planning, shopping, cooking, serving, and cleaning. You’ll never have to worry about washing and drying again! In addition to a varied menu of three meals per day, including daily chef’s specials and some standby favorites, we provide snacks for any time you need a little boost! Our varied menu allows for specialized dietary needs and is flexible enough for any input you might have. Whether it’s your aunt’s fried chicken secret or your own custom chili, share your favorite recipes, and bring a taste of home to the table.


Dining at Prairie HouseWe love to have family and visitors come for a meal… and we’ll even set the extra place. Guests are always welcome to dine with our Residents. We really love it when families and friends come to visit for our special holiday celebrations! Whether it’s a traditional Thanksgiving feast or a Fourth of July barbeque, all are invited to join the table at Prairie House!

Contact us soon for a visit and free sampling of our chef’s special of the day… we’ll hold a place for you!


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